Ballimore Old Croft


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The Old Croft at Immeroin 
I have always had a fascination for old and curious buildings, and the barn at Immeroin to me, is one of the best examples of its kind from that period of building.

From the village of Balquhidder head south over the Balvaig Bridge and follow the Calair burn as it wends its way through Glen Buckie. This glen neatly bisects Creag Mhor to the West and BeinhAn-T-Sidhein to the East.

Good friends of ours, the Hendry’s have farmed at Immeroin for many years. The word, Immeroin translated from the Gaelic means, ridge of birds.

The construction of the barn is of the gabled type of building and the remains of wall set crucks are still visible.

At one time the Ballimore area was densely populated with several thousand people eking out an existence. Much evidence of habitation has been lost here thanks to heavy forestation work carried out in the 1970’s.

Continuing South around the edge of Bealach A Chonnaidh a track runs due south to Glen Finglas (now flooded to create a reservoir). This was in the early days a well trodden path for drovers and merchants transporting their goods to market. Around 1800 the track found a ready use for smuggling whiskey into Glasgow, neatly avoiding the excise duty and boosting profits.