Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle 

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Balmoral Castle, Grampian At some time in the 18th century the long period of castle building in Scotland came to an end, the art of warfare had moved on, there was no further need to construct heavily reinforced and fortified buildings, but for those who could afford it, there was a niche market in owning a castle.

Balmoral is a case in point. The history of the site goes back to the time of Robert II
King of Scots, the castle being used as hunting seat. A stone tower was added by Sir Malcolm Drummond in 1390.

The property then passed to the Gordonís Earls of Murray and from them to the Farquharsons of Invervey in 1662 or thereabouts. Unable to pay a large debt, the lands were sold in 1798.

Queen Victoriaís consort  Prince Albert bought the estate, and in 1855 the castle was rebuilt as a romantic retreat. The present day Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II,  and family still visit.