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Dundas Castle, South Queensferry - Click image to enlarge

Dundas Castle

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Dundas Castle
, eight miles from Edinburgh, at South Queensferry, is a notable castle in so far as it seems to have been built for strategic purposes.

On the roof of the keep there is a short turret, on which beacon fires could be lit in the event of warlike signals being required. The beacon-fire on Dundas Castle was visible from Edinburgh Castle.

The massive fifteenth century keep for which Dundas was once reknowned, features a corbelled parapet, slit windows and, inside, barrel-vaulted rooms. Some also claim that the earliest records show Dundas Castle being built in 1100 by Gospatrick, Earl of March, so it is possible that an earlier structure stood on the site.

Clan Dundas has a rich history and has given birth to many famous Scottish figures, such as Sir Hugh Dundas, the seventh Laird of Dundas, who fought with William Wallace. Sir George Dundas was one of the eight Lairds who fought with Robert the Bruce. He was slain at the battle of Duplyn. The Dundas family held the lands from about 1124 until 1875.

Dundas Castle today is more noteworthy as a wedding venue.