Kilmartin Glen

Kilmartin Glen 

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Kilmartin Glen
Kilmartin Glen is an archaeological wonderland; the Glen is studded with stone circles, chambered burial vaults, standing stones and much evidence of cup and ring markings on stones throughout the site.

No one has definitively proved the reason behind the cup and ring markings, although the plethora of chambered cairns were for burial purposes, the construction of stone circles and positioning of the various standing stones still warrant explanation.
Nearby to Kilmartin Glen is the ancient fort of Dunadd considered to be the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada.

Kilmartin Glen contains the densest and most elaborate concentration of later Neolithic and Bronze Age rock carvings found in Scotland: more than 350 ancient monuments are within a six-mile radius of the village of Kilmartin, near Oban in Argyll.
Legend has it that the Stone of Destiny was used here in the crowning of the first Kings of Scotland.