Morton Castle

Morton Castle  

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Morton Castle
South of Morton Mains in Dumfries and Galloway Morton Castle's strategic location overlooks Loch Morton, the artificial loch which now surrounds the castle on three sides and created by the construction of a dam was constructed in the 18th century to flood the marshland which formerly existed there.

The quote most often describing the castle is "as remote and imperfectly understood as any castle can be." 

Dunegal, Lord of Lithsdale is said to have had a stronghold here in the 12th century.  Earlier owners include such families as the Adair, Randolph and the Earls of March.  In 1459 the castle was acquired by the Douglases, later Earls of Morton.

One of a chain of castles along the strategically important Nith Valley, which runs from the Solway Firth north to the Clyde Valley.

Morton Castle consists of a ruined 15th century keep and triangular courtyard, built over a previous castle destroyed in 1357. It was abandoned in the 18th century.